bee removal services

Protect ALL polinators by being stewards to them, and inspire people to establish chemical free organic pollinator attracting gardens and prevent the bumble bees and other natives bees from going extinct.

Referrels over the years made it possible to build the Francois Jacobus du Toit (6/29/1928 -2/8/2018) seed bank of honeybees. Tremendous progress has been made impacting our communities in North County and other areas of San Diego County.

Over the last two years Hive Savers have transformed Oceanside along the 76 and Benet road. The street and canyon once occupied by transcent populations is now clear. Half a century of occupation has ended and the trash has been cleaned up. The area is now looking like a proper industrial zone and the few residential properties are coming back to life with young families who feel safe and free from drug infested criminal rings.

The goal is to continue adding specimens making it possible to make champian queens and help replenish our bees to farmers to pollinate crops. Additionally expanding to Encinitas, Elfin Forest and Rancho Sante Fe to establishing aparies on estates to insure pollinatior security while selecting hives displaying non-aggressive traits and resistance to pest and disease. If your interested in joining the Coastal Hive Society call me up personally. Required equiptment and knowledge to insure efficiancy and efectiveness. Hives can be professionaly managed for $300 a month or by a qualified home owner possesing advanced beekeeping experience and acurate information on safely keeping bees.

Hive Savers wants to partner with passionate beekeepers to work together and support a robust community of conservationalist who understand the responsiblity of true stewardship. For all those professionals who want to do the right thing and set up bees with proper infastructure with the ability and knowledge to manage them correctly, lets team up and together create a world of change.

The bee guys and girls who rely on craigslist, facebook and google, who puts on horses and pony shows, are deseving the public and hurting our bees. List of Red flags. Stop the revolving door of catch, desive and release and help the transition to capuring ALL feral hives and to purge ALL Africanized bees and forming a defense shield of drones to breedout the hiding and constant flow of Africanized genes orginating from Brazil in 1950, moving north through mexico reaching California in 1990. Incubate only non-aggressive champian hives insuring food security for the future.

Protecting ALL pollinators is the holistic mindset and God honoring school of thought. Future visions to include mason bees, butterflies and ultimately the rare nearly extinct bumble bees, not because compitition with honeybees. Rather the use of chemicails by cities such as Carlsbad and unknowing by private homeowners who use products with neonics and cancer causing glysophates; commonly found in wead killer products. Its time for us to round up the public and educate; the harmfull exposure to poisons destroying our enviroment. Inspire people to plant pollinator attracting plants and establish there own organic gardens to move towards self reliance.